Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Favorite Colors, Bedrooms, Bears and Friendship

I'm not sure if I have told you yet that Purple is my most favorite color in the world.  Since we have been in the house (4 months now), I have been dreaming of decorating my bedroom/craft space black and purple.  I found this amazing picture on Pinterest last year and have been holding onto it tightly and cannot wait to make my bedroom this calm relaxing atmosphere.  For the life of me I have been unable to source the origins of this photo.  If you know where this was originally posted please let me know so I can credit the creators properly.  I have spent a few hours trying to find it, as its in tons of round ups to no avail.

Well there is one item in my room now that has purple that will be incorporated into the design of this space.  It was given to me by an amazing kindred soul, by the name of Alonda.  This bear was actually given to her mother as a gift as she was dying.  It was extremely important to Alonda.  I mentioned one day that it was the most adorable bear I had seen and if she knew where I might be able to find one.

Well a few weeks later, Christmas came and a package was left on my doorstop. Opening the box, I began to cry, because a dear friend had given me a precious memory of hers.  I still to this day cannot believe she gave this present to me.  I have kept my bear in the best condition and he is probably as important to me now as he was to Alonda.  I will look after this gift till my dying days as it is a priceless item in my life.

It is a reminder of the depth of friendship you can have with another person.  The love that each person gives in our lives , either family, friends or even acquaintances. Friendships that endure are not easy, there is work to be done, and there are times when we don’t speak, or see each other often but we connect on other areas to insure that everyone knows how deeply we care about them.

Perhaps this valentines day is not only about lovers.  I think it’s a great opportunity to let everyone know they are loved.  Winter's are usually rough for people and depression is at a high.  Perhaps a small gesture, a card, a phone call, or a visit, with a hand written letter to tell the person why they are important to you.  We are not guaranteed any tomorrows.  Make sure your loved ones know today.

Do you give valentines or cards/calls to anyone other than your spouse?  Are you planning any special ideas for family and friends this year?  If so let us know your ideas, you just might inspire someone else to do something special.