Monday, 24 September 2012

Community Random Acts of Kindness aka C.R.A.K.

     I was watching Lovetown USA on the OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network), and saw a woman who left love notes around town for others to find and brighten their day.  I have always wanted to do something for our community to help each other and perhaps bring more faith and compassion to other people.  Perhaps even to make our city participate in our community and make it a better place.

     In thinking about this after the show ended, I really begin to think of ways I could participate in my own way.  Due to my disabilities I am not often out and about and hardly leave my own home.  But this was a way to touch people here and there, by making them think differently.  Even changing one person, for the better would make the project even more worthwhile. 

     I also thought that I would share this journey with the world in hopes that it would be embraced and show others how simple an idea can be that could touch so many.

    I will be writing notes with a Random of Act of Kindness card attached , asking people to perform small steps in making our town a community once again.  A few years ago our community was rocked by a child abduction that turned to murder.  Since then I have seen people seclude themselves even more and everyone is "Me" centered.  You don't find others willing to nod, smile or say hello anymore and I believe that perhaps I can make a difference here and get people to think of others and small ways to make our neighborhoods more community oriented. 

     I will then have G, drive me around town to tape these notes where I know that people will find them.  As I write the notes, I will be sharing them here with you and perhaps we will even have people who have picked up the letters pop in and express how they took steps to change.  I do hope to hear from you all, with ideas and hopefully you will join me.

     This project has been named C.R.A.K, Community Random Acts of Kindness.  My first notes will be written and distributed this week.  Look for them this week! 

Thanks for stopping by,