Thursday, 19 September 2013

Are you a disorganized pinner?

This week I am going to try and get some of my Pinterest boards cleaned up.  I have been on there for about 3 years now and what a mess I have created.  If you are not familiar with Pinterest then let me help you get addicted lol.  While you can go and view things, to actually save your boards, you will need to register and to do so you need an invitation.  Feel free to contact me and I will send Here is a screenshot of what it looks like right now.  I did start working on renaming and making new boards to help keep things organized but I have a very long way to go.

 So this is what my Pinterest looks like at the moment.  I have a wee bit of boards, but the problem is I have things stashed all over the place, like all my recipes are in the Recipes folder.  So it will take me forever to find a recipe I want to use if I have to go through that folder which at the present holds 197 recipes.  You may also notice that I started to cull those recipes into specific recipe boards.  Such as 'Recipe - Deserts', and 'Recipe - Cookies and Cakes'. 

This will take you some time to get things organized if you have been a pinner like myself.  This project will take longer than a day for most of you.  But set a reasonable goal in regards to how long this will take you to complete.  I am going to try and get into Pinterest once a week and organize.  If I am able to come more than once all the better.

First thing I do to organize my boards is go in one.  Then I slowly look at each of the pins and move any to other categories if they are placed incorrectly.  I also look for duplicates and get rid of any that I find by deleting them.  After both of those are done , I take another quick look at what is left in the original board and decide if they can be split into more specific boards and create those to move the pins to.

To edit my boards I click the little pen icon and create a board or move the pin to its correct board from there and then when you click save, a refreshed board will appear with your pin moved.

You can also now specify your cover photo for your boards.  To do this you will go into the board of your choice.  I am going to choose my scrapbooking board for this example.  Just hover your mouse over the board you want to edit and a button will appear that says 'change cover'. 

Click that and another box will load up on your screen.  This box allows you to scroll through the pins on your board and find your favorite one that showcases what your boards are about and once you find the image you would like, click save changes and voila… you have a new board cover.

Today I have worked on my Scrapbooking, For the Home, and my Photography boards.  But there is still tons to do but remember not to get burnt out by doing too much of one thing each day.  That is why I will be working on this task a bit each day till the boards and nicely organized.

Do you keep your Pinterest all organized and if so how do you do yours?

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