Friday, 25 October 2013

Recipe Review

A few weeks ago I went searching into my recipe boards on Pinterest in search of a quick and easy supper I could make that wouldn't have much prep involved and I came across a recipe for French Dip Sandwich's.

The recipe consisted of the roast, beef broth, and buns.  You place the roast and broth in crock-pot for 5-7 hours on high or 8-11 hours on slow.  Gregg and I both felt it was too bland and so I would suggest adding 1-2 packages of Lipton Onion Soup Mix and any other flavouring you like with your roast.  The roast was nice and tender and with the addition of the Onion Soup and a thickening agent ( I used cornstarch), to give the 'au jus' a bit more consistency.

I would love to hear other versions of your favourite Beef Au Jus recipes.  We love having this type of comfort food in our house and we would love to try out any you suggest, so please leave a comment below with your recipe.