Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Christmas came early at 884 this year!!!!

Geez it seems like every time I want to delve back into this blog something comes up.  But I want you all to know that I am around and thinking about posts all the time. 

I am going to try and come around a few times a week, instead of trying the impossible (at this time), once a day.  I have a lot of projects that I have started around the new house and massive plans for the next year. 

I do have some awesome news.  I finally, after years of coveting this amazing techie toy, I was able to get one!  I am now the proud owner of a Silhouette Cameo and if you are not sure what this is… please click HERE to be taken to the product page so you can see what this machine is capable of.   On the right side of the page there is a blue box, that says "What can you make?".  Clicking on the links below it will give you an overview of this beast :)

I have had the product since last Thursday and have been playing around with it a bit and Friday I made my first Christmas card in years.  I am going to try and get a tut together for all of you who enjoy making home-made cards for family and friends.

Now as much fun as it is to make cards and the like, there is another project that I can do with the Cameo to help make some extra cash around here.  I am going to be making some custom vinyl sayings and monograms.  I am really looking forward to playing around with this Cameo as there are so many wonderful things to make.

We are still unpacking and trying to figure where to put everything.  G is making shelves in the garage to help keep my craft supplies all neat and organized.  I am going to be putting some ideas I have for my craft area together soon for a post, so be on the watch for that. 

After we get most of the boxes unpacked and stored, then comes the decorating.  I am really looking forward to that stage as I have never truly decorated before.  I always had hand me down furniture (which is not a bad thing, but I would take things as long as they were needed), without care for how it 'fit' with the rest of the room.  So with that big project I am quite excited and am hoping to focus on one room at a time till it is done how I envision.  It could honestly be a long time till things are done to my taste but that is ok.  The fun is in the process in my eyes.

The weather has definitely changed here in south western Ontario.  It is cold and windy, with snow here and there mixed with nasty rain.  I hate the 'dark' days of winter.  It can get so daunting and depressive.  How are you planning on bringing some sunshine into your life this winter?

The Christmas season is fast approaching and with it, my brain is in overdrive with many projects I want to make and give as gifts this year.  I have started on a few of them so far and hope to be able to finish and share them with you in the weeks ahead.

I will also be trying my hand at making 'home-made' beauty products to give to the young ladies, for H, N, and M this year.  I also have some goodies in mind for the guys this year also, R has just moved into an apartment with his friend M, so they are needing things for around the house, and I will probably be making C the same as R and M, and not real sure what to do for W this year. 

What can you make for a 14 year old boy?  If anyone has any ideas or suggestions please leave me a comment below.


Shannon said...

Sounds like a lot of good news for you!
I'm in Ohio, and it's been pretty dark here too. I just try to get outside a little each day to keep my spirits up.
Have fun in the new home!

Unknown said...

Today we are having a small blizzard... I hate snow!

Trying to decide if I am going to spend the day working on crafts, Christmas gifts, and my blog or do some unpacking lol.