Saturday, 23 November 2013

I'm making my list, and checking it twice...

November 23,

Today I figured I would get my Christmas list done!  Such hard work really LOL .  Usually we have been unable to have the traditional holiday due to finances, and it's virtually impossible to get all the kids under one roof. 

But this year is a special year for me.  I am here to enjoy this year, and even though there may not be tons of presents, or tons of people, I want us to have a brilliant day in our own way.  I also want to start some holiday traditions that we will be able to teach the grandkids to do one day.

One of my favorite posts that I saw last year was about a Christmas Eve Tradition.  Now please remember that the 'kids' are between 14-26 so no little ones around but I think this year we will do this with G and then as kids get married and have little ones, we can just add them to the traditional festivities.  Here is the link to the article I found at MomFab Fun 

First thing I want is an embossing gun. I found it at Walmart .  Of course then I need embossing ink and powders to go with it lol.

Next thing I am hoping to get is an envelope punch board.  This device is used to create envelopes at home with any paper.  Another gift that can be found at Walmart.

While surfing around Walmart's craft section I also found a Pink Die Cutter Tool Kit and Case.  This will go perfectly to aid in my vinyl work. 

Another crafty Item that looks interesting is the Silhouette Sketch Pens 24 Pack.  So far you only  need to hit one store to get all my goodies lol.

Any Glitter packs as I have none at the moment. 

I want Pajamas this year!

As usual I hope I get one fairy.  G has got me at least one of these every year.  I love them and have a special glass case they are kept in.  I have no preference as to which one, as long as I don’t have it already.

I have a broken PC Monitor that needs to be fixed.

I need a new external drive since both of mine are no longer working.  Would love to get the information off them too as a gift.

Gift Cards at Lens Mill Store, Dollarama, and Walmart would be easy options too.

And last but not least, I would love to have a shelf built 1 1/2 foot from ceiling on 3 of my 4 bedroom walls for storage and magazines.

Well I am too tired to keep this list going lol so will stop for now.  Have you all thought about what you would like this year?  If you could get one thing (make it affordable lol) this year, what do you want most?  Have you made your list?