Thursday, 30 January 2014

Keeping it real and another I'm back post

I been gone, been gone so long…

Wow this month sure did throw me for a loop. 

Please note:  There are parts of this post about my health and recovery, please feel free to pass reading that and go to the sixth paragraph down that is bolded and red.

As I mentioned in an (earlier post-put in link), I had surgery in the middle of the month.  After I posted my last post on Friday Jan 3, I got even sicker.  I ended up with at least 3 hernia's that needed to be repaired.  I ended up on bed rest for a bit.  My surgery was actually scheduled for the 15th and not the 18th that I said before.  Everything went well.  He fixed the hernias, and some issues I was having with my bowel.  I did well recovering and didn't have to stay in hospital long.

It was nice to be home and recuperating.  On the following Wednesday, one week after the operation, I went to see my surgeon to have my stitch removed.  When my doctor does any type of abdominal surgery he tends to close it with one running stitch.  It was removed no problem and no pain so that is always a plus in my book! LOL

Went home and took it easy.  I was sitting straight up in bed, just watching tv, when without moving or leaning over I felt something funny at the bottom of my incision.  Well it split a bit so I was now on my bed other than to go potty, or eat, and we thought it would still be able to heal and close without having to take a trip to the emergency.  Slept ok that night but the next day around noon, I felt a bit funny again and realized that I was bleeding quite a bit so I called G and he was still in Toronto and would take 1.5 hours to get home.  So unfortunately I had to call 911 to come and get me.  They were all super nice, nice to see those hunk fire-fighters and EMT in my home.  Some were truly drool worthy LOL

They used a contraption called a "stair chair" and strapped me into it to get me down the front steps and to the stretcher in my driveway.  Note that we had a huge storm and the snow banks were high.  As they got to the driveway my female EMT behind me slipped and fell onto the ground and I flew backwards and fell on her leg on the driveway.  I felt so bad for the EMT I didn't realize that I had actually just split my incision even more, including muscles. 

It didn't take long to figure out that this was a big oops, as I was being quickly prepped for emergency surgery.  It was a new experience for me to be rushed to OR.  Mine are usually planned LOL.  I spent the night in hospital and begged Dr to send me home and I was home by 11 the day after my surgery.

I am still recovering and taking things slow but am well enough to spend a few hours online so I have been working on blog post ideas and still trying to get the new domain all fancied up before I bring you all over there.  I hope your year started off marginally  (I used the wrong word here), exceptionally different than mine did.  Talk about a month lost.  I got nothing on my to do list accomplished yet.  Except in the spirit of keeping it real… I showed you the small dust collection I amass every few days around here.  My house is so far from being the sparkling showcase houses we all drool over in magazines and decorating shows. 

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