Friday, 3 January 2014

Kylara's Favorite Finds Friday Feature - Week 1

As I scour around the internet, I always find interesting articles, pictures, products, ideas and so much more.  There are so many amazing things to find online that you could lose many hours a day just looking around.

So I decided to share my favorite finds of the week on Fridays.  Some of the things I find may be new to you, others older, but hopefully each of you will find some of your own favorite finds, and inspiration for you own homes.

I found this post over on Funkytime and really enjoy the concept. She made a Mood Calendar for 2014 , which she offers free for download.  I am trying to figure out a way to personalize this so it would be most effective for my daily life.  I think it would be super interesting to document the mood of the day, and I think it will also be inspiring to be more positive day to day.  The only way one can learn from this type of activity is to be completely honest.  Have you ever done anything like this?  Does it appeal to you?  Are you going to document your moods this year?

Another blog find is The Ultimate Dress Shapes Guide from Enerie.  I found this infographic discussed first on True Blue Me & You blog.  I am not a fashionable person personally.  I would love to dress differently but I usually have hand me downs, and spend a lot of time in pajamas.  I also wear track pants often so that the waistband does not affect my ostomy.  I also was never taught about fashion, rules, and what looks good on me.  I would love to be taught but who really teaches these things and do they cost a gargantuan sum of dough? (wow that word was hard to spell, I am not sure if I have ever used that adjective before LOL  So back to the graphic… I learned a lot from this and hopefully those of you unfashionable ladies will too!

Over on Pinterest I found a great post on 30 best chick flicks of all time on HerCampus.  Not sure if I agree with a couple of them, but for the majority I do agree.  I might have to start a Girls Night, so I have an excuse to do chick flick marathons lol. 

Lately there has been a lot of talk of jealousy and comparison.  Your blog is unique to you, and try not to compare your vision with someone else.  Here is a good article that explains more , Blogging Jealousy at ErinEFlynn's blog.

I hope that you found something here that will teach you, grow you, inspire you in your own endeavours.  Thank you for joining us today for another Favorite Finds Friday.