Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Blogtastic Reviews

I am always looking for blogs to read so I am often adding to my super long list of blogs I follow.  While we all find blogs on our travels, I thought I would share two new blogs that I have come upon recently.  I am going to be giving you a small description of what you might find on these blogs.  I am going to try and have this as a new blog feature each week.  I am not sure what day I will be hosting this feature, but will have it figured out by next week.  We can all use more to read and do right?? LOL

I hope that you find something of interest and if you find a blog or two to add to your ever growing list of those you follow, great!  Let me know in the comments if you find something.  Also if you know of a great blog that you would like me to review please email me HERE

A blog written by Randi,a stay at home mom, who lives in Seattle.  She has a great husband and two beautiful children.  She loves being creative and shares many of her amazing crafts with her readers.   She also has a fun quirky humor that is infectious.  Which is one of the reasons I was attracted to her blog.

Randi writes about a bunch of day to day things, and has done a couple of great 31 day series.  She also shares her weekly menu's and has some features she partakes in each week.  She also hosts the Awesome Things Blog Hop on Tuesdays.  She also features some great roundups and giveaways. 

Below are some of my recent favorites over at Sowdering About.  I am sure you will enjoy her site whether new to Randi or not.

The next blog I have found recently that I have been enjoying is Imparting Grace.  Richella describes her life and passions in this blog.  She is married and her children and grown and off on their own.  She has a stunning house that has a soft décor.  This blog does discuss Richella's religious beliefs so if that type of post bothers you then please skip this recommendation.  (As a personal note:  If you let it sway you into not heading over to her blog then you really are missing out).

My favorite posts from Richella:

Dealing with the ugly and the pretty - Great message found in this post.
Decorating My Dining Room - love the bold color choice.
Family Portrait Wall Clock - I think I might borrow this idea

Till next week, I hope you get your blog reading in and enjoy.