Monday, 30 December 2013

Christmas 2013

Wow what a busy few weeks at 884.  Due to my health I was spending all waking moments focusing on making Christmas presents for the kids.   Our Christmas eve was celebrated quietly at home, just G and myself.  We slipped on our new pajamas and watched Polar Express.  I have never seen that movie before so it was nice to enjoy a cute movie, new pajamas and then to top it off, G let me open my presents on Christmas Eve.

I wasn’t able to get out this year on my own to pick up a present for G for Christmas.  I am getting him a membership with our local photography club.  The yearly fee is only $40 so it's very reasonable.  I really wanted to buy something this year that he would use.  He often gets it in his mind that he wants a new gadget and then once we buy it as a present it doesn’t get used.  So I wanted this year to be different.
They get together on Wednesday nights, once a week.  They offer challenges, day trips and many cool techniques.  If G really enjoys the class and makes an effort to get out and take more pictures I might even consider joining myself.  I am not a photographer.  I stumble just taking pictures with the automated settings.

But the gift that has him super excited is an xbox1.  He would have gone out and bought it already but locally we have none in any of the stores and today is the last day of his mini Christmas vacation.  I'm kind of eager to see all the neat features etc.  I have been wanting to play any of those dancing games for the Kinect.

G bought me an amazing fairy/dragon sculpture.  You can see it in the pictures below. *This is my first attempt at collages with PicMonkey, hopefully with practice I will be able to get better results*   It is extremely detailed and has tons of amazing features that captivate my heart.  This is the biggest fairy I have.  When G and I moved to this new home in October, I absently stated that we would have to get  a bigger fairy to sit on top of my glass fairy cabinet.  He remembered that comment and this is my big gift from G.  He is so amazing and I enjoy that He is my best friend and cares about the small personal comments I make and wish for.

For the last 4 years my family and extended family have started me collecting these fairies.  I have no 'collection' per say.  But I do have the beginnings of a lifetime of love for special pieces like this.  Here are pictures of the few other fairies that live with us at 884.

I was once asked which was my favorite and I honestly couldn’t answer her as they each hold a special place in my heart and the fairies symbolize hope and dreams to me.  I am even going to be building a fairy garden in the flowerbed in the front of the house.  I am unable to pull weeds and look after gardens these days so when I saw the front of our house, that is what I envisioned.  I will be sharing the creation of our fairy garden with you in the next few months.

Wow got sidetracked there LOL.  Back to Christmas.  G also gave me a Xyron sticker maker.  This will definitely help with all my paper crafts.  Paper piecing can be a slow tedious process at times trying to get a small element glued.  This will definitely get used a lot this year.  When I had an at home scrapbook store, I stocked tons of Xyron products.  They are versatile and have always been one of my go to adhesive musts for my craft stash.

When drove over to R and M's apartment around 2 to help out with Christmas dinner.  This is the first big get together they have had since they got their apartment.  It was a pretty decent amount of family and friends.  I think the boys were a bit naïve in the process of completing a family meal like this.  It's a dance really.  Preparing this, heating that, cooking this in the oven, while three pots are about to boil over on the stove type of chaos.  You all know what that is like.  These boys are 22 and they found out that while it is great to have this type of holiday, it takes a lot of work.

The boys and G got together to buy me another present.  So while there I opened my presents, they bought me a game that I have been dying to try since it came out years ago.  The problem was we are xbox people and nobody had a ps3 in the house, and this particular game is machine specific.  I told the boys before they moved into their place that I was going to buy a copy and come over and play on their machine.  Guess they didn’t like that idea….

They bought me the game, and 2 others, as well as a used ps3 cause "we didn’t really want you hanging out on the couch all the time mom" was the silent message passing through the room.  Then we all burst out laughing.  It was a great evening.  We all laughed, and ate till we were ready to burst.  

As usual my tummy got in the way of staying longer.  I will be glad when this operation is over and hopefully get back on the road to recovery instead of always taking these three steps backwards .

This year, I was finally in a festive mood.  Seems Scrooge found another victim this year.  I enjoyed all the family and friend time we got in.  Love was flowing through the holiday wrapping my loved ones in a cozy blanket hug.

I am hoping that each of you had a great holiday.  We have so much to be thankful for this holiday.  I will be writing a post of the year in review soon as well as some of my goals for 2014.  One of the most important goals I have this year, is to get the domain site ready to go live and be a beautiful peaceful place for you to pull up a chair and sit and get to know one other.