Friday, 13 December 2013

Kylara's Favorite Find's Friday

I've been under the weather this week so I thought I would share some of my favorite finds/articles/pins of the week to share with you.  I'm also in the process of getting my blog planner all set up and organized.  I am hoping that having some structure will help me in being able to post on a more regular basis.

I also just wanted to forewarn you that on January 18 I have to have another operation.  This is partly why I have been quiet.  I just don’t get out of bed too often.  I am trying hard to keep up with my blog reading though. 

Here are a few awesome finds from my week in bed.  I am sure that you will be able to find something of interest in this little round up.

The first post I want to talk about I found over on Pinterest.  It is a something very unique and I love finding new ways to use common objects in a new and wonderful way.  This video shows you how to embellish a collared shirt with photo corners. 

Another of my favorite things is adding a bit of 'me' into my style.  The following article teaches you how to turn a regular flat into a bit more dressy version by adding a chain ankle strap.  This is a very easy transformation and one that should not take long as well.   I am looking forward to making a few pairs of these this winter, so I will be ready soon as the weather turns nice again.

While doing a bit of snooping on I Spy DIY I also found other shoe mods that might pique your interest.  It is a great site with many areas to get lost in.  If you haven't been to I Spy DIY grab a coffee and expect to sit awhile as you will find so many things to try yourself.

I don't know if I am sheltered or what, but this is the first time I have seen a yarn bowl.  I found this while spending a few minutes this week on Pinterest.  The original item that I have pinned has been sold so I went to the Etsy shop of RedHotPottery and picked out my favorite.  She has different designs, as well as colors to choose from.  They range in price as well and are quite reasonable.   Click the picture below to be taken to this particular product in the store.

Another interesting thing I found this week was a blog post about some new DIY Digital Magazines.   The blog post about the magazines was found HERE at Chic Steals .  I like all three so was unable to pick a favorite for you LOL.  Like I need more reading material to keep me from doing my housecleaning.

One of my favorite bloggers Elsie and Emma at "A Beautiful Mess" posted this Pom Pom Garland last week.  I love the uniqueness.  It's something you don’t often see and it just warmed my heart up a bit.  I love how classic and romantic it looks. 

I found this awesome kid craft over on Pinterest from Crafts Unleashed.  I love the simplicity of it, and the fact you can get the supplies readily.  I will have to make these "Cinnamon Stick Tree Ornaments" with a friends children next year.  So cute, don't you agree?

And last but not least, one of my favorite quotes.  This is from Marilyn Monroe.  The wall vinyl quote is from the etsy shop of Its Written On The Wall .  She also has some other great products.  You should slip on over there and take a peek at her range of products.

I hope that you have enjoyed some of the amazing things I have gathered and saved this week, to be used in the future.  I hope that you're not too 'crazy' with the holidays coming up.  Remember to spend quality time with your loved ones as that is one of the greatest benefits of the season.

Have you found any great things on your blog/pinterest/surfing adventures?  If you know of something you think should be showcased send me an email HERE