Friday, 5 October 2012

Air Fresheners...smells good!

First, I would like to apologize that this post is late.  I didn't have a good day and now I am awake so I thought I would try and get this post out so I am not behind.

Store bought air fresheners come in many forms, plug-ins, diffusers, sprays, etc. They are expensive, and we don't really know what is in them.  But the good thing is that there are homemade versions that might work just as good if not better. 

Here are a few options for you to try.  Experiment till you find a version that you enjoy.

The first option you can try is adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil into a spray bottle filled with one part water, one part vinegar mix.  This is a room freshener and it also is an odor eliminator.  Don't forget that you can also mix essential oils to come up with a 'signature' scent that is just perfect for you.

Essential oils can also have a therapeutic benefits. 

Lavender: improves sleep quality and calms the nervous system
Basil: helps relieve headaches
Rosemary: stimulates the mind and improves memory
Clary sage: calms the nervous system
Clove Oil: helps relieve nasal congestion and also contains aphrodisiac qualities
Lemon: acts as a natural antidepressant and calms anxiety
Orange: refreshes and relaxes

This is just a few examples.  Do some research online and experiment. Write down what works and doesn't work for you.

You can make your own diffusers at home.  You will need a small clean jar, some reeds ( you can get at a lot of health stores or candle shops), some mineral oil (helps to better carry the scent up the reeds), Vodka (this is not to drink lol), using a plain. Unflavored, non-diluted, version.  It helps thin out the oil so that it moves up the reed easily.  And last but not least the Essential Oils, which you can again mix and match to find your favorites.

Another simple solution is to use natures odor absorbent, baking soda.  Using a mason jar, fill the jar about 1/4 full of baking soda, and 6-8 drops of essential oils.  Using a hammer and a nail, place holes in the lid of the jar and place on jar.  Every once in a while you will need to give the jar a gentle  shake to boost the scent.  You can also use this as a carpet freshener.  Using the jar, shake the powder on your carpets and let it sit for a few minutes, and then vacuum it up.

Here is a great recipe for a vanilla and cloves freshener.

Ingredients: 1 cup water
 1 cup household vinegar
 1 tbsp. vanilla extract
 1 tsp. cloves
  • Bring all ingredients to a boil and simmer over medium heat for two minutes.  Remove from heat and allow to cool
  • Strain cloves then pour liquid into a spray bottle, shake and use as needed.
Note:  You can experiment with the vanilla and cloves till you get the perfect scent for your likes.

There are also simmering pot recipes that are easy and make the house smell like you have been baking all day.

Below are some links to simmering pot recipes.

I personally do not like flowery smells at all.  I am more into the spices type of gal.  One of my favorite scents is vanilla.  Mmmm it is one of my favorites.

Do you use homemade air fresheners? What are your favorite scents?  Please let me know if you tried anything above and if you liked it or even made your own scent recipes.

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Anonymous said...

I like both lemon and lavender. It's interesting that you mentioned they are both calming. If you ever make up the diffuser, I would like to see some specific amounts for making one. Thanks for sharing! DEB

Unknown said...

I will be making this at some point this month. Thank you for visiting and I will comment soon as I have some results for you.