Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Projects and projects and more projects

Do you find that when you start to do one project, it miraculously morphs ( multiplies ferociously)  into 10 + projects which continues to spiral out of control???

I have found this to be happening now, after i agree to participate in TheNesters 31 Day 'movement' my brain goes on overload and finds tons of things i want to work on.  And it doesn't mean work on them that would be too easy.  LOL  To give you an example last week when I started this blog, yes i am new to all this home stuff ( what was i thinking LOL), I had 2 projects.  One was to sand and refinish an end table, and swapping the hardware to make it more current as well as match a theme i have for the living room.  Having never done anything of its kind before, this was a huge project to undertake.  I also wanted to make some paper mache letters of my nickname as a decor piece for my new room.  So two relatively different but involved ideas.

Then I added the 31 days onto my plate.  OK you all are probably thinking i am crazy at this point, well I do.  Plus i am giving my household binder a face lift and trying to make it work for us.  Okay here comes all these other ideas.  I want to scrape the border glue off my bedroom walls from the previous tenant   Then i have all these amazing ideas to personalize my room.  I also need to organize my home and purge and store things away in their homes (which i have yet to figure out where lol).  I really want to organize my plastics cupboard cause soon as you open the door it all falls out.  Do you have any cupboards like this?

Oh and let us not forget my leaves.  I have decided the first thing i want to make for my fall decorations.  But shhhh....I cant tell you what it is yet cause what fun is that.  It will not be a quick project but i hope it will look amazing when i am done.

Needless to say this list could go on and on but i don't want to bore you all.

But in the end it will always work itself out.  At least i have today, and today I will chose to do what I can to turn this big box into our home.  Are you living in your today's or worrying about yesterdays and tomorrows?