Monday, 29 October 2012

Disappearing Water Rings

I am sure  most of us have come across this problem in their lifetime.  My mother is very OCD with cleaning and as a child I didn't really think before I did things and I know that I have left rings in my wake.  But it doesn't mean that the furniture piece is ruined.

First thing you need to do is determine if the furniture piece is an antique.  If it is, please call an antique specialist.  Also call if the water rings have turned from white to black.

There are a multitude of suggestions online on methods to clean this nasty stain off our furniture but the most popular and successful methods is the following.

First go grab your iron and a clean cloth.  Place the cloth upon the stain and once your iron is heated (low heat, no steam setting) place the iron on your cloth for a few seconds.  Be careful to not let any of the heated surface of your iron to touch the wood directly.  The low heat will warm the finish on the furniture to release the moisture into the towel. 

Be sure to check the progress of the water ring removal and repeat the ironing process until the mark has disappeared.  Finish by polishing and buffing the wood furniture as normal.

This method is by far the most popular and the most successfully used.  I hope that you will be able to use this tip in the future.   Have you tried to remove water rings on your furniture before?  What method did you use?  Have you tried the above tip before, if so please let us know how it worked.