Friday, 19 October 2012

No more spots!!!

Today's topic is about Jet Dry and rinsing your dishes.

I only have one alternative for you on this subject rather than purchasing one.  It is something most of us already have in our pantry.

I know a lot of you will probably be aware of this trick but just in case someone comes by and doesn't know I thought I would just make a short post about it.

The solution?

Yep your right!

VINEGAR  of the white variety.  Just fill your rinse agent container with vinegar.  No need to fill this daily as most dishwashers have an indicator to tell you when you need to fill up the reservoir.

Very cheap on the pocket book and it works amazingly.

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Prairie Scraps said...

I have tried this and didn't care for the results as much as the store product, but it does work well enough in a pinch. If you coupon and watch sales, you should be able to the store brands for next to nothing with a coupon and a sale.