Wednesday, 17 October 2012


***This is a homemade mason jar I made myself.  Please do not save, alter or distribute my work without asking.  It is copyright to myself.***

Goo Gone has been a wild product that everyone has heard about or owned at one point.  I find that it is a product we need in our home.   Parents, pet owners, house  owners, crafters, carpenters… the list can go on and on with examples of people who should have this on hand.

I also love to create things at home instead of purchasing the expensive versions if it is easy to replicate.

The following recipes are suggestions, but all the research I did , it appeared all of the different oils listed below work just as well as the others.

Equal parts Coconut Oil/Vegetable Oil/Extra Virgin Olive Oil/Tea Tree Oil/Eucalyptus Oil and baking soda.  Some of the variations also included an essential oil for clean odor.

Stir together until paste is formed.  Then using a paper towel/cloth/fingers apply the paste to your object that has adhesive on it.  Work mixture into adhesive until it releases from the object, wash off with soap and warm water.

Another option I have heard about is using orange essential oil on its own, yet a very expensive method.  Another person suggested using WD-40.

Have you tried any of the above methods to remove your goo?  What do you recommend?

Ta Da...the Goo is Gone!

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