Monday, 8 October 2012

Turkey? Nope! Lasagna

As some of you know it is Thanksgiving in Canada.  Due to the fact that we are financially unstable as G has been out of work for about 8 months now, we had no specific plans to do anything this weekend.  And this is not unusual around here, as money most of the time is gone as soon as we get it.  But this week our new friends down the street (literally 3 houses away from me), asked us if we wanted to do something this weekend , and that they were planning something easy as we all had deep fried turkey last week. 

So K decided we would take the easy menu and she made 2 lasagna's, Caesar salad, and garlic bread.  I was going to make cupcakes but I wasn't feeling so good and ended up sleeping till an hour before we were to get there.  Little did I know that K and her daughter decided to make them themselves. 

G and I went to the grocery store, and got 2 pans of apple crisp for dinner and off we went.  I haven't had apple crisp in over 10 years, and I used to have the most amazing recipe, one that if we went to a potluck or dinner I was always asked to bring my version. 

Dinner was amazing, but more importantly, we had such a wonderful evening sharing and having great conversation and fellowship.  I wont forget this holiday, as I am eternally grateful for the friendship I have embarked on with K.  Due to my illness, I don't often get out and tend to lose friends, plus since I moved back 'home' 2 years ago, we have only had a couple of people we have met and socialized with.  They moved away, and we have been virtually local friend poor. 

Isn't it nice to be grateful on thanksgiving?  Are you grateful for something recently?  What new life lessons have you embarked on?  I know it's not Thanksgiving for everyone, but who needs a holiday to be thankful?

Thanks for stopping by,

P.s. I will be posting yesterdays blog post in a bit, as well as today.  Sorry for the multiple posts but I want to make sure that you get all the information I have planned to give out this month.  Thank you for understanding.