Wednesday, 17 October 2012

This week is (h e double l) ...

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For those of you checking in on the 31 Days of Homemade Solutions, I must apologize for my absences this last week.  There is so much going on ... unplanned interruptions to our daily lives, that I have been unable to physically and emotionally sit here to post.

All I can say is that kids..even those not living here with us  as well as those of our friends children, don't have the same values and morals we were taught when we were young.

To give you an example of this weekend ...the events went like this

Friends son gets grounded Friday morning for skipping school (hes 17)
He texts his mom and says I will be home someday soon... possibly
Saturday, we check in on neighbors to find out if son came home...nope
While sitting at friends , approx. 11 pm, G gets a cell call from his oldest daughter.  We cannot hear, but can hear she is crying.  Call gets disconnected.
We look at each other and friends try and get me to calm down, although i know something is up as his daughter would never call and say she needs help from her dad unless it was important
Finally she calls back and G and B (friends husband) drive 2 hours away, from 11-3:30 they are gone.
Pick up daughter in downtown her back to our home.
Next morning G and the girls get driven back home which is 2 1/2 hours and then G drives back home.
Sunday night we go to see friends and their son is home and they are in the middle of talking to him and will come and update me when they are done...5 minutes later they are done.
He said to them "I think its time for me to move out" .
The worst part.... he tells his mom and dad he is moving in with my oldest son and his 28 year old roommate.  
Now my family is not just a support for them, but now we are in the middle of it all.

Anyway.... like I said... H        E           Double Hockey Sticks

I will try and get caught up so you don't miss any of the spectacular recipes.

Thank you all for understanding.  Do you have weeks like this?  If so how do you deal with all the turmoil without getting completely stressed out?

Thanks for stopping by,