Wednesday, 31 October 2012

31 Days...Phew

Phew I actually made it through and also was able to manage to catch up on the days I was too ill to make my posts.  But due to no kids, and being in bed often due to my illness I have the extra time to do this.

Today I have seen a lot of people upset or disappointed that they were unable to complete all 31 days of posts but I want to say to you all reading that were unable to 'complete' all 31 posts this month…

Blogging should never be your number one concern.  This journey of life we are on provides so many amazing memories of our families and friends and amazing experiences.  It is much more important to be out there creating memories than sitting down to blog about your past memories and our lives past, present and future.  Remember to live and enjoy the moments you create memories for others as well.

Good luck to all and I know that I found some absolutely amazing blogs this month due to TheNester's (31 Day Challenge).  I am excited to delve deeper into the blogger lives I have chosen to keep reading.  I hope to make some friends in this niche of loving home and all that that includes.

Thank you everyone for coming to visit with me this month and I am really looking forward to doing some projects for you in the next few weeks.

Fun Fact:  In the little over a month since I have started this blog I have received almost 2000 hits.  To me that is amazing.  Thank you everyone, and I do hope you continue to visit.

Thanks for stopping by,


Prairie Scraps said...

Thanks for the reminder that it's ok not to finish the 31 days, although I am just a couple days short of it and will be finishing them this week. Of course it's not the priority over life, but hey, I started I will finish. (just not on time, just like the rest of my life! lol)

I will be a new follower for sure!